Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I should be back to posting recipes some day soon

I am working on a post on shredded chicken chalupas I plan to call Chalupas from the edge: Food to sustain you through the ordeal of a sinkhole repair.

I was going to try and blog about the whole process but the week installing the 29 grout points was too gruesome to share on a food blog, trust me. (think sewage)
Here are some thoughts on day one of the actual pumping:

January 18, 2010

I lost count after 5 so I have no idea how many cement trucks full of cement they pumped into the first of the 29 grout points yesterday. What a nightmare. They estimated that they would need between 35 and 40 truckloads of cement to stabilize the whole house. So far, they have pumped more than 8 percent of them under my bedroom.
If all the grout points take 5 truck loads, that would be 150 cement truck loads for shit under my house and they will be at it for another 28 days.

Right now they are working right on the other side of the glass doors where I have my computer.
I had to get out of the house yesterday or Emily and I would have had to spend it staring at the butt cracks of the four guys working the pump, not to mention the guy who monitors a spot on the wall to make sure the house isn't shifting and the guy who monitors the guy who monitors the spot on the wall and the driver of the cement truck.

Poor Henry would have been beside himself.
Jack, the goofus, just goes bounding up to everybody trying to make friends. Isn't afraid of the trucks, the pumps or the freaking hoses snaked out all over the yard.

There is no more landscaping around the house. They pulled it all out including my rosemary bush. sob.

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