Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The good, the bad and the incidental

The good:

Pizza is always good. Last night, it was probably better than good.

I made the same dough I usually do and topped it with provolone, crumbled Italian sausage, mozzarella, Parmesan and roasted red pepper.

Things were hopping around here yesterday and I didn't get a chance to make sauce, but that turned out to be a good thing too as I discovered a very acceptable pre-made pizza sauce, Dei Fratelli. I plan to keep a couple cans of this on hand for emergency purposes. It was so much better than any pre-made sauce I have ever tried in the past.

The bad:

I went to visit my neighbor and to bring her some of the shredded chicken nachos we had the other day. She asked me to look up a term her doctor used to describe her medical condition which she was unfamiliar with: Binswanger's Disease.

The term was unfamiliar to me as well but sadly, I am all too familiar with the condition.
Binswanger's is another term for Alzheimer's.
So now I get to tell my friend that she has been tentatively diagnosed with the same disease which killed my mother.

The incidental:

They are wrapping up the first stage of our sinkhole remediation. They ended up pumping 300 cubic yards of cement under the house, 100 cubic yards less than the worst-case scenario.
My excitement yesterday occurred about four feet in front of my computer on the other side of the sliding glass doors leading onto the porch. They were attempting to fill one of the last remaining grout points when the pipe shot out of the hole and straight through the ceiling of the porch with a horrific bang. Much excitement ensued. But today they are cleaning up and clearing out.
I feel sort of bad for my first post or two about the workers here. They have all been very nice and it's not their fault they were here to do a job that for me was living hell.
I think Jack will be sorry to see them leave. Now he will just have me to harass and, on top of that, I got his Frisbee stuck in a tree this morning when I was at the barn.

So, hopefully things will be back to normal around here for a while(are they ever normal?) until the shallow grouting starts February 12 when I will get to tell you what it's like to have expanding urethane injected under your house.


Emily said...

I love you mama.

Jill said...

I love you too honey - and miss you.