Sunday, February 8, 2009

Back by popular demand

Well, not popular demand actually. Emily asked me about the blog the other day and said she thought I should update it so, here we are.

I doubt if I will be doing this on a daily basis - I have a strange fear of commitment to any online endeavor like Facebook or MySpace. I have cousins who change theirs hourly but it's too much like work if I have to do it, so I don't. Does that make sense? Besides, I think I'm the only one who ever looks at the blog so, what's the point?

Anyway, to start the new year a little late I'm posting BBQ Pork Fried Rice.

First, I marinated

overnight five meaty county style pork ribs in soy sauce, sherry, sugar, and a couple of teaspoons each of pureed garlic and fresh ginger.

I roasted them in a 350 degree oven until the meat was falling off the bone and most of the fat had rendered out. When the meat was cool I cut it into bite sized pieces.

In the mean time, I cooked 1 ½ cups of rice in 3 cups of water. Use whatever kind of rice you like. Jasmine would be nice but since there's so many flavors in the rest of the ingredients, I just used an Uncle Ben's type long grain. If you like your fried rice stickier, use shorter grained rice. It's a good idea to make the rice in advance - like the day before you plan to use it - I've used both fresh and pre-prepared and the older rice turns out less mushy.

The ideal way to make fried rice is in a wok, but on my ceramic smooth top range, it is impossible so I just use my old standby all purpose pot.
Fry the rice in two tablespoons of vegetable oil stirring constantly - you aren't really frying the rice, just heating it up - sprinkle with soy sauce to taste. Move the rice to the edges of the pot and scramble four lightly beaten eggs (I scrambled mine in a seperate pan and added them at the last minute to heat up.) I also added 8 ounces of fresh bean sprouts, a cup of frozen diced peas and carrots a bunch of thinly sliced green onions and grated ginger and garlic to taste. And the BBQ pork chunks, of course :)

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