Monday, April 14, 2008

Our big Saturday night

Was, not so big.

We spent all day Saturday whacking futilely at the massive oak that fell in our pasture a couple of months ago. We've finally run out of stuff we can cut with a hacksaw and 10-inch, battery-operated chain saw.

We had a small picnic under the trees splitting a turkey sandwich and about five gallons of water while we tried to recuperate from round one of the arboreal attack.

We managed to make it to the feed store for a bag of alfalfa cubes for the horses but by the time it was time to eat, the only thing we had the strength to contemplate was a nice bowl of grits and fried eggs and toast.

Didn't think to take a picture of the grits or eggs and toast. I do think I'll post about grits one of these days though because if you haven't had them, you should try them and you need to get the proportions right in order for them not to turn out like wallpaper paste.

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